Sugar-craft Equipment

We are one of the South-West’s largest sugar-craft equipment retailers and have whatever you could possibly need to create your own cupcakes and sugar-craft master piece!


We have a large selection of sugarcraft cutters for basic to advanced sugarcraft flowers, various flower pastes, tools, artists brushes, tweezers, veiner’s, various Jem tools – balling and frilling tools, foam ‘paddy’ pads, petal dusting powders, paste colourings, lustre colours, Gum Arabic, Gum Tragacanth, dipping solutions, stamens, wires of all gauges and many other sugar-craft equipment accessories. We also stock many leading brands including: Culpitt, Squires Kitchen, Beau Products, Bakers Toolkit, Squires Kitchen, Suagar & Crumb, Dr Oetker, PME, Pillars sugar flower pastes; Renshaw Regal ice in various colours, marzipans and almond pastes and many other popular brands.


We stock PME and Bekanal piping tubes, star tubes and speciality tubes. Other accessories include palette knives, non-stick plastic boards, scrapers, crimpers, tube cleaners, scalpels, plain and basket-weave non stick rolling pins, literally hundreds of assorted ribbons are just a few of the many items in stock. Moulds for sugar bells, Easter-eggs; plus an extensive range of sugar-craft books by many of the well known sugar-craft authors.

We sell a large range of cake boards in silver and gold in round, square, heart, petal, oval and oblong shapes. We stock many other items – glitters, food colouring pens, cake boxes, candles and much more. Cake tins can be hired or purchased in various sizes and shapes. Cake bases and cake knives can also be hired and are available in silver or gold

Feel free to call us in advance to make sure the sugar-craft supplies you require are in stock on 01392 210243.