Delivery Option 2

Up to 6 miles from our store - EX4 1JE.

Please read our online DELIVERY INFORMATION before proceeding to checkout.

We deliver locally within the Exeter area with a small charge for our friendly local taxi man!

Up to 3 miles from our store at EX4 1JE - £7.99
Up to 6 miles from our store at EX4 1JE - £11.99

For further information on choosing your delivery option, time slots, accessibility to delivery address (especially on the university campus), and how to advise us of any special instructions please click here.

  • Store in cool area away from direct sun-light.
  • Please do NOT keep cakes in the fridge.
  • Some models may contain sharp supports.
  • Our sponge cakes are best consumed within 2-3 days of collection or delivery.
  • If your cake contains Dairy and/or Ganache (double cream) as long as they are stored correctly in a cool place they will keep for up to 7 days (unless otherwise stated on the cake box), although we recommend consuming within 2-3 days especially in the warmer Summer months.

Allergen Advice (EU FIC 1169/2011 Regulations)

For more advice on which allergen, dairy or vegan free dietary requirements we can cater for please ask in store.

NOTE: Whilst we gladly cater for special dietary requirements and every reasonable care and effort is taken we must stress that we can NOT guarantee your product will be 100% trace free of other allergens that are carefully stored and used daily on the premises i.e. Wheat flour, Rye, Barley, and Oats (cereals containing Gluten), Eggs, Milk, Nuts and Peanuts (ground almonds and confectionery), Soya milk, Soya margarine, Sesame seeds, Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphates (dried fruit preservatives). See our Allergen Advice page for further information.

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